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International GNSS experiments

The GNSS-SPAN Group at Curtin University is collaborating in the following GNSS experiments:


IGS Multi GNSS Experiment (IGS-MGEX)

The IGS Multi GNSS Experiment (IGS M-GEX) is an international effort aimed at improving the operations related to the upcoming global navigations systems.

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Multi GNSS Monitoring Network (MGM-Net)

The Multi-GNSS Monitoring Network (MGM-Net) is the Multi-GNSS Monitoring Network that Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is deploying globally for.

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Asia Pacific Reference Frame

Asia Pacific Reference Frame (APREF) was materialised to create and maintain an accurate geodetic framework in the Asia-Pacific region in order to fulfil the requirements of a vast subset of users in surveying, industry, research organisation and general public.

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