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Attitude determination

GNSS Attitude Determination is a field of increasing interest in the world of Positioning and Navigation. Employing a set of antennae rigidly mounted on the body of a vehicle, it is possible to derive the complete attitude of the platform.

The range of applications where the GNSS Attitude Determination technology can be applied is vast: navigation of space platforms, guidance of unmanned vehicles, aiding in the docking of vessels, precision farming, and so on.

The underlying principle of GNSS Attitude Determination is simple: the resolution of the relative distances between two or more antennae provides the angular orientation of the baseline between the antennae. In order to obtain high precise angular measurements, it is necessary to make use of the precise GNSS carrier phase data. We are currently developing new methods and efficient algorithms for the GNSS Attitude Determination, aiming to obtain quick and accurate attitude estimation solely based on GNSS observations.

GNSS attitude determination
Credit: Giorgi, G., and P. Teunissen. 2012. "GNSS Carrier Phase-Based Attitude Determination."