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Geoscience Australia Testimonials for Curtin GNSS Research Centre

I. National Satellite Positioning Research

Professor Teunissen has a highly influential role in leading a collaborative, cross-sectoral, national research effort. He is responsible for setting the direction of most of the satellite positioning research in Australia. This work is increasingly important to the Australian Government as there is a growing economic dependence on precise positioning to underpin efficient transportation, geospatial data management, and industrial automation including robotic mining and precision agriculture.

II. National Positioning Infrastructure

His research and leadership has deeply influenced my Agency’s work program in the high-precision satellite positioning area. In particular, Professor Teunissen’s theoretical contributions and leadership in both developing new technologies and focusing the national research efforts are helping us to build the next generation National Positioning Infrastructure (NPI) which I anticipate will benefit most Australians in the coming decade.


Professor Teunissen’s work has deeply influenced many organisations and individuals who now exploit in practical ways the theoretical advances made by him and his collaborators. Professor Teunissen’s most recent algorithms and concept known as PPP-RTK, is currently being implemented by Geoscience Australia as the computational model behind the new NPI. I believe PPP-RTK will provide a unique and unparalleled satellite positioning capability for Australia. So powerful and general is the technique that I anticipate it will be used on such diverse applications as mobile phone positioning, earthquake assessment, robotic control systems and weather forecasting.

Dr Chris Pigram, CEO, Geoscience Australia, Eureka Prize for Leadership in Science 2015

Geoscience Australia Testimonials  for  Curtin GNSS Research Centre