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Multi-GNSS Monitoring Network

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Multi-GNSS Monitoring Network (MGM-Net) is the Multi-GNSS Monitoring Network that Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is deploying globally for:

  • To improve the accuracy of precise orbit determination (POD) for QZSS, and hence improving the accuracy of PPP Precise Point Positioning (PPP) applications.
  • To include multiple GNSS POD besides GPS and QZSS
  • To broadcast error correction and integrity information from QZSS to support the multi-GNSS demonstration campaign.

GNSS-SPAN Group at Curtin University is a contributing site of JAXA MGM-Net. Curtin University currently hosts 9 continuously operating receivers that track multi-frequency GNSS signals from multi-GNSS. A diagram of this setup is available here.

Curtin University supplies real-time multi-GNSS data to JAXA MGM-Net data centers continuously.