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The 3rd China Satellite Navigation Conference

The 3rd China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC2012), Guangzhou, China

Under the motto BeiDou (Compass) Going to Application, the 3rd China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC 2012) was held on 15-18 May in Guangzhou, China. Peter Teunissen gave an Invited Keynote presentation on the topic “Some Challenging GNSS Research Topics on Estimation, Validation and Positioning”.
CSNC is an open platform that aims to promote academic development of theory and methodology in the GNSS fields, enhancing technical innovation to accelerate the construction of satellite navigation systems and their applications, and to expand the cooperation among universities, research institutions and industry.
The conference covered nine sessions (Chinese and English) in the following wide range of GNSS topics:

  • Session 1: BeiDou/GNSS Navigation Application
  • Session 2: Satellite Navigation Signal System, Compatibility & Interoperability
  • Session 3: Precise Orbit Determination and Positioning
  • Session 4: Atomic Clock Technique and Time-Frequency System
  • Session 5: Satellite Navigation Augmentation and Integrity Monitoring
  • Session 6: BeiDou/GNSS Test and Evaluation Technology
  • Session 7: BeiDou/GNSS User Terminal Technology
  • Session 8: Satellite Navigation Model and Method
  • Session 9: Integrated Navigation and New Methods

The conference was very well organized with many new and exciting results. The conference was accompanied with a large and impressive exhibition of the various companies from the Chinese GNSS industry. Proceedings are already available from Springer Verlag.