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PPP-RTK & Open Standards Symposium

PPP-RTK & Open Standards Symposium 2012, Frankfurt, Germany

The ‘PPP-RTK & Open Standards Symposium’ was organized by the German Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG) in Frankfurt-am-Main on 12-13 March 2012. Peter Teunissen participated in the symposium, representing the CRCSI as its Positioning Program’s Science Director. The two-day symposium covered the topics 1a) RTCM; 1b) Global Ionosphere; 1c) Regional augmentation; 1d) Ambiguity Resolution, 2a) Existing Services; 2b) Emerging Services; 2c) Product Dissemination; 2d) Tools and Applications. The symposium was well organized and from the number of participants one can infer that the topic of PPP-RTK has the interest of a great many groups.

There were 180 participants from more than 30 countries! View further information on the report and the presentations.