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Perth CBD Multi-GNSS/IMU Attitude Experiment

On 21 January 2014, an experiment was conducted in which we collected data from three multi-GNSS Javad receivers and three low cost Ublox GPS receivers on-board Curtin car. Two of the Javad antennas were also equipped with Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) to provide independent bench-marking data. In addition to multi-GNSS CORS receivers at Curtin University, two other base stations were also set-up for this experiment in order to test baselines of various base length. One of this receiver was setup at South Perth foreshore to provide a short baseline while the second receiver was set up at Landgate Building at Midland which provided a baseline length of 20km.

Data was collected on the six receivers while travelling through Perth CBD which provides a very obstructed environment for GNSS satellites. The objective of the experiment is to test the level of improvement that using multi-GNSS satellites provides in such an environment. In addition, the accuracy of attitude solution will also be compared to attitude determined independently using IMU data.