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Muresk Multi-GNSS Array Experiment

From 18-21 February, we conducted an experiment which involved more than 10 multi-GNSS receivers from various manufacturer. At one end of the base line we had 4 multi-GNSS Javad receivers on a 2mX2m rigid frame at Curtin University. At the other end of the baseline at Muresk, we had a similar rigid frame but with 4 multi-GNSS Javad receivers, and 1 each Trimble and Septentrio multi-GNSS receivers. The latter two receivers were connected to a central antenna on the same frame. The length of the baseline was about 80KM.

The objective of this experiment was to collect multi-GNSS data for our Array-Aided PPP concept in a long baseline setup as well as data for multi-GNSS long baseline RTK and our research on Inter-System Biases.

This data will be used with multi-GNSS data from our existing CORS receivers.