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ION Panel

ION Panel at China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC-2014), Nanjing, China

Under the leadership of Professors Jade Morton from ION/Miami University and  Lu Xiaochun from the National Time Service Center, an Institute-of-Navigation ION-Panel with presentations was organized at the CSNC-2014 conference, Nanjing, China (21-23 May 2014). The panel members (see photo) and their presentations were:

  • Greg Turetzk (Intel): Ubiqitous Location: challenges and opportunities of enabling all-day, everywhere location for all mobile platforms from cars to tablets to watches.
  • Stuart Riley (Trimble): Experiences with Multi-GNSS for Precision Applications.
  • Peter Teunissen (CUT/DUT): Multi-GNSS PPP-RTK using mixed-receivers.
  • Frank van Diggelen & Kathy Wei Tan (Broadcom Corp.): BeiDou in smartphones; implementation details, test results and benefits.
  • Christopher Hegarty (Mitre): WAAS/GBAS Updates.
  • A.J. van Dierendonck (AJ Systems): The Evolution of GPS Ionosphere Scintillation Monitoring over the Last 25 years.
  • Tomas Stansell (Cons. Aerospace Corp.): GNSS Interoperability – Enabling the unknown future.

Peter’s presentation gave an overview of Curtin’s multi-GNSS Inter-Satellite-Bias (ISB) analyses when using mixed receivers for data collection and processing.