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GNSS School 2012, Hong Kong, China

Marking the 75th anniversary of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, a GNSS workshop on “New GNSS Algorithms and Techniques for Earth Observations” was held on 14-15 May 2012 in Hong Kong, China. The workshop was organized by PolyU’s Department of Land Surveying & Geo-Informatics.

The lectures were given by an international team of lecturers from the USA, Germany, China and Australia.

The following five two-hour lectures were given:

  1. Lecture 1 by Dr. Jade Morton (MUOhio): How GNSS Signal Processing Alters Signal Parameters: A Cautionary Tale in Using GNSS for Remote Sensing Applications.
  2. Lecture 2 by Dr. Peter Teunissen (CUT/DUT): Carrier-Phase GNSS Attitude Determination.
  3. Lecture 3 by Dr. Maorong Ge (GFZ): PPP Algorithms.
  4. Lecture 4 by Dr. Peng Fang (UCSD): Global and Regional Reference Frame: Establishment, Maintenance, and Application.
  5. Lecture 5 by Dr. Danan Dong (ECNU): Dig out signals from deep interior of the Earth using GPS measurements.